Rotator Cuff Surgery near Columbia SC 

When tendons tear in the shoulder, you can tear it further if you don’t get medical attention. If you’re feeling muscle pain in the shoulder, it may be a rotator cuff tear. Come talk to the orthopedic surgeons at Camden Bone & Joint in Camden, SC. 

What is the Rotator Cuff?

The “rotator cuff” is a group of tendons and muscles that “cuff” over the shoulder joint. This is what helps hold the arm in its place, and keep the shoulder moving smoothly. They are easy to injure, and depending on the injury, they can also cause serious pain. If the injury is severe, it may mean you need surgery to repair the tendons and muscles.

Shoulder Surgery near Columbia, SC

Rotator Cuff Injury Treatments

There are 3 major options for surgery for repairing the Rotator Cuff: open repair, arthroscopy, and mini-open repair.

Open Repair

Open repair is the classic surgery that makes a fair large incision and the muscle is moved out of the way to repair tears in the rotator cuff. This is usually only done in severe injuries.

Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

An arthroscope is used for any minimally-invasive, small surgeries. They make it possible to not have to use large incisions, as they have a light source and camera built into them. Having an arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery will mean that a few long pipe-like objects are placed to perform the surgery through small punctures through the skin and muscle instead of an open wound.

Mini-Open Repair

A Mini-Open Repair also uses arthroscopes and makes a  small incision above the shoulder. This allows a rotator cuff injury to be repaired without detaching a shoulder joint.

After Rotator Cuff Surgery

After a rotator cuff surgery, you will generally be sent to go see a physical therapist. This is to ensure that full mobility is restored, and the injury heals properly. You will also be asked to not do any heavy lifting, strainful activities, or anything else that might cause the tendons and muscles to be damaged again. The healing process can take a few months to be fully complete, so be patient.

Shoulder Surgery near Columbia, SC

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